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Confidence in Performance
Creation and Delivery
Actor, musician, teacher, director, producer, whatever your role there are times of great pressure and stress.  All have to create and deliver with responsibility not only to self but often to many others.

What gets in the way? Sounds easy to find an answer doesn't it?  But is it?  We don't always know where pressures come from or equally how to manage them to allow ourselves to perform at our best.

This is where mindfulness and yoga may play a very important role. To communicate well we need to know how we can present at our best and potentially how to work with our difficulties with that in mind.

My skills can help you and I ask you to get in touch so that we might work together towards your well-being.
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Performance Anxiety
Looking closely at the words on the fear graphic (right) gives great insight into the experiences and emotions that humans endure. Some nervousness may be natural yet if unchecked may for some people develop into a profound difficulty.

For me embodied mindfulness, perhaps through MBSR or MBCT course, can address and heal the many facets of anxiety in relation to performance.

Whatever your field please get in touch. I can help you.

It's what I learn from the great actors that I work with. Stillness.

That's all and that's the hardest thing.

Morgan Freeman

Confidence in Direction
Director, Producer, Technician
You can't be overwhelmed right?  You're the boss, you know how to handle everything. What if? No time? Get sick? Poor weather? Missed deadline, Technical failure.  We could write a 'War and Peace' length list  of all if buts and maybes.  Yet you are still here, working.  Alive and working.  Let's keep it that way.

There is the work, then there is you.  That distinction may be getting lost along the way.  I hope you will pratice mindfulness and restore the difference.
Training and Practice
Start Where You Are
I welcome the opportunity to speak or liase with you to discuss where training in mindfulness might be helpful to your craft.

Wherever you are in the world if you have a high speed internet connection a webcam and microphone we can work together. We are not limited to sound and vision, phone, write, however is best for you.

Please write: stuartsyoga526@gmail.com


If you judge the character, you can't play it.

Alan Rickman

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